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Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn Maintenance A properly maintained lawn can improve the appearance of a home, reduce storm runoff and improve water quality. Its other benefits include preventing soil erosion, providing oxygen and promoting healthful microorganisms. It also acts as a living filter for stormwater contaminants, filters air pollutants and provides a cooling effect during hot summer days.

Spring & Fall Cleaning:
Clearing and trimming debris and leaves from your lawn helps prevent weeds and enhances curb appeal. Mulching also moderates soil temperature and retains moisture.

Fall Lawn Food:
Apply a fall fertilizer to promote strong, healthy grass for the spring. A good fall feeding will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to store up energy for a strong push in the spring and will help break down mulched-up leaves.

Soil Aeration:
Core aeration is a common practice that loosens compacted soil to allow air, water and fertilizer into the root system. It can be a good choice for older lawns that are in bad shape.

A regular mowing schedule is essential for keeping a lush green lawn. Grass should be cut to a height of about 2 1/2 inches. Avoid mowing it too short, as this can cause the grass to dry out and become susceptible to pests.

Weed Control:
An effective weed control program should include both preventative herbicides and post-emergent treatments for weeds, including crabgrass. In addition, fungicides can be applied to keep the turf healthy and disease-free. If you are unsure of which herbicide to use, consult your local extension service or lawn care company for advice.

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