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Puffco Carb Caps

Puffco Carb Caps Designed to maximize vapor production in your Peak Smart Rig, Puffco Carb Caps are an essential part of getting the most out of your Puffco device. These hand-blown borosilicate glass caps increase air velocity to maximize vapor production. They are an essential part of the Peak experience, and they come in several colors to personalize your Peak. These carb caps also come with a black tether that securely attaches the cap to your Peak Pro chamber. The Oculus Carb Cap has a window into the chamber to give you a front row seat as you vaporize your favorite concentrates, and the press-fit connection locks it onto your chamber for a tight fit that keeps it and your oil where they belong! These caps are officially licensed by PuffCo and made by Empire Glassworks.


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