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Touchless Commercial Faucets

The installation of touchless commercial faucets is crucial to their success. While deck-mounted faucets are easy to install, they require a professional to get them working properly. The sensor allows the faucet to run without a splash, allowing it to save water and the environment. To choose a touchless faucet, check the range and sensitivity of its sensors. The faucet should respond to the user’s command with minimal delay.

Touchless faucets use an infrared sensor to turn water on and off when hands are removed from the sensor. They can also save water over time, since they prevent a person from washing their hands every time they use the faucet. Depending on how frequently the faucet is used, batteries can last for two to four years. When the batteries run out, the faucet will alert the user that they need to replace them. However, touchless faucets are a great option for businesses looking for a cost-effective and convenient alternative to using a water-efficient kitchen or bathroom sink.

Another benefit of commercial hands free faucet is that they’re more hygienic. In fact, a recent survey revealed that 76% of people would prefer a touchless faucet over a traditional faucet. A touchless commercial faucet can help you limit water usage while keeping your business clean and hygienic. Touchless faucets also have a wide variety of cool features that make them a great weekend project.

A touchless commercial faucet is also known as a sensor faucet. These faucets use an infrared sensor under the base of the faucet to activate water flow. When people approach the faucet, an infrared light is reflected off the hand. When a person approaches the faucet, water flows for about six seconds before the sensor detects any movement. This prevents germs from spreading. If your company is looking for a high-quality touchless commercial faucet, consider the AquaSense brand.

In terms of water flow, a touchless commercial faucet has many advantages. This type of faucet is powered by four AA batteries. The high efficiency motion sensor extends battery life. When replacing the batteries, you don’t need to disassemble the faucet. Simply unscrew the top and pull out the battery compartment. Then, you can replace the batteries. Touchless commercial bathroom faucets are available in a wide variety of finishes, styles, and designs.

If you want a faucet that is easy to clean, look for a chrome or nickel finish. Chrome and nickel faucets are both easy to clean and durable. They also feature a built-in temperature mixing valve and soft honeycomb bubbler. To ensure the smooth flow of water, consider choosing a high-arc touchless commercial faucet. This option will balance water flow while allowing users to wash their hands comfortably. They come with all of the accessories needed for an easy installation.

Healthcare facilities are another great market for touchless commercial faucets. While hospitals and healthcare facilities require hygienic products to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria, touch-free faucets are the best solution to ensure the safety of patients. These touch-free faucets have sensor-activated controls that reduce the risk of bacteria transfer. Zurn also offers lead-free commercial touchless bathroom faucet models for the healthcare industry. The touchless technology allows workers to wash their hands without transferring bacteria from one person to another.


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