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How to Choose a Touchless Commercial Faucet

In addition to being more hygienic, touchless commercial faucets help keep your home germ free. Touchless technology helps you save time and effort when cleaning your home. You can install a touchless faucet in your home and be a part of this new wave of innovation. In addition to reducing the time spent on cleaning and maintenance, touchless commercial faucets make a great weekend project. Read on to find out more.

commercial hands free faucet use infrared sensors to detect motion. The sensor panel is embedded into the faucet itself. The range of the sensor can vary depending on the model you have, but it is usually effective within a few inches of the reader. When a user moves in front of the faucet, the sensor will detect their presence and automatically turn on or off the water. To ensure the sensor’s effectiveness, make sure the panel is clean and clear of debris.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a touchless commercial faucet is the installation process. Most touchless commercial faucets are easy to install. Manufacturers provide all parts necessary to complete the installation. Many claim to take less than 20 minutes to install. Some faucets are deck mounted, which requires professional installation. After the installation, the sensor will allow seamless operation. If you don’t have the necessary tools to complete the installation process, you can always consider installing a conventional faucet.

Touchless commercial faucets have a number of benefits. These faucets can be installed in high traffic areas and are durable and vandal-resistant. In addition to being easy to use, touchless faucets add refinement to any modern place. This type of faucet is available in several different designs. For more information about this revolutionary technology, visit You can check out their features and benefits by reading the reviews online.

Another benefit of touchless commercial faucets is the fact that they are safer. Unlike traditional faucets, they require the user to wave their hand in front of the sensor in order to turn on and off the faucet. This method of activation also helps prevent accidents because you can’t accidentally turn the faucet on and transfer the mess to your hand. Besides saving money, touchless faucets help the environment and cut your monthly water bill.

Touchless faucets have numerous benefits. The faucets’ durable metal construction makes them durable and resistant to daily wear. A chrome finish on touchless faucets helps them look sleek and clean. They are also easy to clean. With this feature, they can be installed anywhere in your home or business. And because they have a sensor, you don’t have to worry about smudges and other types of dirt. If you are a busy business, touchless commercial faucets can save you time and money.

Compared to standard faucets, touchless commercial faucets are easy to clean. With a sensor installed near the faucet, they prevent germs from spreading from one person to another. Plus, you can avoid touching the handles when using touchless commercial faucets. A pulldown spray faucet is especially easy to maneuver, since it doesn’t have a handle. That means you can wash pots and pans without having to deal with mess or paper.


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