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Hire private detectives in Madrid. Arga Group

There must be a proven legitimate interest to carry out investigations in Madrid and contract the services of detectives. For this, there must be a direct connection between the contracting party and the person investigated and between the possible facts. Once identified, the Office will sign a service contract with its partner to ensure sufficient funding and carry out the registration of the investigation.

During the investigation, the parties will be informed of the most important news and events. Once completed, the office will issue a detailed report that includes all the facts and evidence obtained during the investigation. Grupo Arga approves its reports in court upon request of the service providers.

Hire Private detectives in Madrid and the rest of Spain

In Spain, the profession of private investigator is governed by Law 5/2014, of April 5, which defines the competencies of private investigators and determines career options. To become a private detective, you must pass the academic exams required to obtain the corresponding license, known as TIP, issued by the Ministry of the Interior through the General Police Department.

When you need to hire a private investigator firm, always make it clear that you are hiring a licensed attorney and that the work you are applying for is being performed by a licensed private investigator. This license is issued by the General Police Department and no license issued by the Association of Professional Private Detectives can be substituted.

If you want to be sure you are hiring a licensed Sheriff’s Private Detective, ask them to show you their license, which is the only way to verify that the Private Detective you are looking for is legal. Detective Grupo Arga has been carrying out investigative missions in Madrid, the rest of Spain and abroad for more than ten years.

By using our service, you can be sure of a high level of exclusivity. All the private detectives that make up our Madrid detective agency are regular members of our staff and are officially licensed.

Unfortunately, there are many detective agencies that work with freelance staff and countless times they employ unaccredited detective students to conduct investigations, or worst of all, they are not connected to the industry at all.

The most efficient private detective for hire in Madrid

Hiring a private investigator  in Madrid has never been so easy. Trust top-level investigation agencies such as Detective Grupo Arga who have more than ten years of experience in private investigations and a portfolio of satisfied clients to ensure our results.

Detective Grupo Arga was born at the beginning of the 21st century with the objective of social assistance to provide the necessary and desired services, including the search for the truth. It is this great passion for the development of social work that little by little will distinguish us from other private detective agencies in Madrid and Spain.

Over the years we have become a large private detective agency located in the center of Madrid. Without a doubt, our best guarantee is that thousands of delighted clients have passed by our headquarters in Madrid to thank us for our services, many of them, if were, they would rehire us as private detectives.


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